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Duff Feeders for material handling in mining (Sep 2009)

OST’s materials handling product portfolio includes duff feeders which accommodate the removal of dry or wet material from underneath belt scrapers down to collection points. These duff feeders also allow access for easy maintenance of conveyor rollers and belt scrapers.

Duff feeders convey light duff and wet or dry dribble, operating efficiently for extended periods before maintenance is necessary. These duff feeders, which fit into confined spaces, can operate fully loaded or empty.

“An important benefit of this system is no labour is required at the transfer points because of the effective conveying of duff or any other spillage that may occur between the conveyor belt and transfer chute,” says Gavin Pelser BMG Director. “Conventional equipment requires costly manual labour and static chute systems need regular cleaning. Another disadvantage of traditional systems is that fine duff and dribble require the spraying of water, which requires additional equipment, like pumps.”

The low friction co-efficient of OST liners, prevents the build-up of duff and dribble and ensures smooth conveying. These liners are available in HDPE 6 or Tivar 80.

These duff/dribble feeders are equipped with vibrator motors with an IP 65 index protection rating. Grease nipples are mounted inside the motor covers to protect the motor from dust and also ensures that no unauthorised person has access to the system.

Additional Information

OST’s product portfolio, which is divided into three categories – screen, transmission and materials handling - includes vibrator motors, screens, screen mounts and feeders, as well as vibrator units.

Chain tensioners and self tensioning motors bases form part of the transmission range and materials handling products include dynamic impact beds, torsion bars, skirt clamps and wings, belt scrapers, impact zones and H-Links.

Dynamic impact beds are shock absorbing troughs that are mounted underneath a conveyor belt at transfer points where fine or course heavy material is being transferred and where there is a build-up of materials in the transfer chute.

Advantages of this system, which protects the belt and conveyor truss from impact and vibration, are improved belt tracking, efficient spillage control and reduced downtime, thus increased production. No special support structures are necessary. This custom built system - which is designed for extended service life, even in hostile environments - is easy to install. As there is no need to replace idlers, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The OST High Impact Torsion Bar (HIT) system combines a heavy duty idler frame with a high impact torsion arm system to absorb the impact of material which falls onto the belt. Advantages of this corrosion resistant Neidhart unit include natural, oscillation and vibration damping, as well as shock load capabilities and extended service life.

The HIT system, which addresses high impact problems at discharge chutes on the mines, provides long term protection against impact damage and overloading.

The installation of the OST skirt clamp, which is a clamping device that does not require the adjustment of fasteners, minimises production losses due to spillage during materials handling operations.

The OST skirt wing is designed to support a conveyor belt between the idler and frames when sagging occurs, in order to prevent over-flow spillage. On start up, this skirt wing supports the complete conveyor belt system.

OST impact zone panels are used at high impact points in transfer chutes which are continually put under high stress and therefore have the highest maintenance requirements. This impact zone panel absorbs impacts and high wear resistant liners ensure efficient operation and extended service life.

BMG’s specialised design and installation teams ensure these materials handling systems meet exact requirements in the mining sector. A 24 hour support service is also offered.