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BMG has purchased Goldquest International Hydraulics (Pty) Ltd. which is now trading as BMG Hydraulics. This now establishes us as a market force in hydraulic engineering in Southern Africa. With our primary focus being on maintaining the highest quality in all of our endeavours, we combine intimate knowledge and experience with state of the art technology and products to deliver the most powerful and reliable hydraulic solutions in the industry.


As market leaders, we understand that it takes more than just reliability and raw power in order to deliver on our promise of superiority and excellence. You must offer all of this at once and compliment it with instantaneous back up in the form of expert technical assistance, repair and maintenance facilities, and much more. These are our values, and this is what you can expect from a pioneer at the cutting edge of hydraulic engineering.

We stock a broad spectrum of premium brands with whom we have long-standing relationships. Respected brands such as Eaton, Vickers, Kawasaki, Marzocchi, Larzep, Pister and EPE look to us to keep their brands running strong in our marketplace. And Goldquest Hydraulics has generations of heritage as the official supplier of Vickers hydraulic components in Sub-Saharan Africa. For decades we’ve been the brains behind Vickers brawn, keeping Vickers systems and components running at peak capacity. Together, we’ve kept the wheels of South African industry turning smoothly for more than 50 years, to the extent that the name Vickers is now synonymous with all our customers, positioning Goldquest, and now BMG Hydraulics, at the rock-face of the engineering industry. 

Company History

Late 1950’s - Company founded as West & Du Toit and  became a Subsidiary of the Vickers Corporation.

1968 -  Began trading under the Vickers Brand supplying Vickers branded products to all industries and continued to do so for two decades.

1989 - The Goldquest Hydraulics brand was born when the company was acquired by a South African concern who added corresponding product lines to the already renowned Vickers range. For the first time, the company could offer a comprehensive product range to meet every need of South African industry in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics. In addition, new value adding services were introduced to complete the circle and create a solution-orientated company.

Despite having a superior product range and a full spectrum of support services, competent distribution remained key in delivering solutions to the diverse customer base that existed. To fulfill this need, Goldquest Hydraulics went about appointing a network of accredited distributors. Each distributor was evaluated in terms of technical ability, service orientation and local market knowledge.

2008 - BMG Purchases Goldquest (Pty) Ltd.

2009 - Goldquest (Pty) Ltd. becomes BMG Hydraulics. This propels the company to new heights and consolidates BMG Hydraulics as the market leader with the expertise and resources to comprehensively service customers in all forms of South African industry.

Vision and Mission

"Our affirmed vision is to be acknowledged throughout Southern Africa as the first choice provider of hydraulic products, services and solutions."
In pursuing our vision, we are passionate about:

  • Owning the widest range of Superior Quality Products
  • Providing Service beyond our customers’ expectations
  • Providing only Competent Advice and Execution
  • Innovating in terms of new product designs, applications and service delivery
  • Empowering people

We will be the best by:

  • Employing only the best people, products and materials
  • Continuously monitoring the needs of our customers
  • Innovating in terms of product and service delivery
  • Instilling BMG Hydraulics’s core values in all our people, supporting, and empowering them by ensuring skills and knowledge are current, accurate, relevant and complete


BMG Hydraulics’s manufacturing and warehousing facilities are based in Benrose, at the heart of Johannesburg whilst branches support our operations in Cape Town (servicing the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Namibia) and Durban (servicing KwaZulu-Natal). Our facilities in Benrose span 7 794m2 with workshops and machine centres covering over 2 200m2 of the site. The remainder consists of warehousing facilities and offices. With immediate access to both the N1 and N3 national highways, and close proximity to Johannesburg International Airport, BMG Hydraulics is ideally positioned for smooth logistics.

Quality Management


We appreciate the importance that our valued customers place on quality, and assuring them that BMG Hydraulics takes every step to ensure that they receive only the highest quality products and services is of strategic importance to us. In fulfilling this commitment, BMG Hydraulics has been audited and awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certification from an internationally recognised accrediting body, DQS, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any work carried out by BMG Hydraulics complies with the ISO’s strictest quality assurance standards.

Human Resources

BMG Hydraulics employs over 150 men and women from diverse backgrounds. In an industry such as ours, where skills and experience are scarce, the competencies developed and retained within our workforce give us a distinct advantage over our competitors. With a keen focus on people development, the full staff compliment, comprised of Qualified Engineers, Skilled Artisans, Technical Sales and Service personnel, Semi-Skilled workers and Clerical staff, are continually trained and coached to ensure that we not only maintain this position, but continue to grow and learn both as individuals and as an organisation.